Przestrzenie, obiekty i postacie w grach – przykłady struktur i algorytmów


- opis przestrzeni określonej



- opis obiektów

- opis mapy


- opis postaci


Parametry postaci:


HUNGRY – feeling of organism, that it has lack of food to keep fully properly functioning organism and mind.


- pain and many not pleasant feelings in stomach, then in mouth, then lack of strength of organism, troubles with thinking (quality of mind functions and reactions decreases), then destruction of the whole organism, which has to eat itself to keep priority functions in levels of priorities, then death of the organism and mind.

– child cries, then eventually goes to find like adult is starting naturally to find the closest in area food, to leave / forget the aim of priority the highest for organism.


THIRSTY – analogically like hungry, but water instead of food, water comes to organism with food or in water forms.


- dry mouth, other not pleasant feelings in mouth and throat, then in the whole organism, liket hot and burning in stomach, then in veins, in mind, dry and hot whole organism, destruction of mind and organism and death of mind and organism.

To keep organism properly functioning – food and water brought to organism must bring all necessary for organism elements to let organism keep proper functioning of each element of organism and the whole organism.


AIR – by breathing, necessary for organism in current mode (still in time) to keep properly working functions of elements of organism and of the whole organism.

symptoms of lack of air:

– pain in lungs, repeated swallowing reactions in throat, pain in throat, eyes are going out of the head, mouth opens to get new dose of fresh air necessary, then permanent destruction of brain, lungs and nervous system and of other elements of organism and death after several seconds of lack of fresh air in organism.


3 priorities for organism:

– air
– food
– water

( activities: BREATH, EAT, DRINK, SMELL, TASTE, etc.)


4-th priority for organism:

– temperature – inner (of organism and of elements of organism), outer (environment of organism)



3 next priorities for organism:

– seeing
– hearing
– touching

(activities: LOOK, LISTEN, TOUCH, PUSH, KEEP, etc.)


Main general states of organism:

– healthy (properly functioning organism in elements and in the whole organism system)

– awaken
– sleeping

– sleepy – element or whole system goes down from active (awaken) to passive (sleeping – ‚rest’ mode) turning off active functions or setting to lower levels of active parameters

– active
– passive (resting, not being used in full of functions dedicated for active)

( in functioning of elements of organisme, of movement, thinking, etc.)

– conscious
– unconscious

– aware
– unaware


Other general parameters of person:

– strength
– intelligence
– experience
(- awareness)
– knowledge
– skills

– ..


Description of other general parameters of person:



Depend on natural or trained structures of organism – useful in different environments or events, work, situations, etc.

– of organism (anathomy, physiology)

– of mind (intelligence, knowledge, experience, etc.)




Przetwarzanie informacji / danych zawartych w strukturach zgodnie z algorytmem.


1D System Space (for 3D Material Space)

– counts the whole 3D material space by each quant of 3D space in accordance to laws, i.e. physical laws (gravity, electricty, etc.) in quants of time of 1-th dimension of 3D Time Space

2D System Space (for 3D Mind / Soul / Spirit Space)

– counts the whole 3D mind / soul / spirit space by each quant of 3D space in accordance to laws, i.e. psychological laws (rational analyzing, emotional and feeling analyzing, higher mind analyzing) in quants of time of 2-nd dimension of 3D Time Space

3D System Space (for 3D System Space)

– counts the whole 3D System Space by each quant of 3D System Space in accordance to laws in quants of time of 3-rd dimension of 3D Time Space


- przykładowa mapa 3D przestrzeni materialnej z obiektami

- przykładowa mapa 3D przestrzeni myśli / duszy z obiektami

- przykładowa mapa 3D przestrzeni systemowej z obiektami